An off-grid, self-sustainable, volunteer hub
in the Karoo, South Africa

Chasing Zero Logo

“You can never have an impact on society

if you have not changed yourself”

Nelson Mandela

Education is the key to sustainability. The people of the Karoo should not only survive but thrive, if we just take the time to show them how.

Together, we’ll guide them on achieving self-sustainable living by generating energy from our planet’s natural resources. The re-generation of endemic species of fauna and flora matters. As does soil and water preservation.

We have change in our hands.

The opportunity is ours. With our plans for an off-grid self-sustainable volunteer hub we can create something special. We can bring balance to the conservation and preservation of Earth’s natural resources and habitats. 

And we do that through our commitment to education, support and community development.

"We never know the worth of water 'til the well is dry"
Thomas Fuller